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Let yourself be carried away by the experience of a thousand and one night with a typical Moroccan Hammam and traditional Massage where the mind and body will find their extreme well-being, while respecting by using natural products.

Hammam, Massage & Beauty Care

Traditional  Hammam 

350 Dh per person

Hammam with scrub skin and mask of ghassoul  & treatment for hand &Feet

Duration 30 minutes

Kandi  Hammam

450 Dh per person

The traditional hammam  add to  a bassin with miniral salt &  essential oils

Duration 45 minutes

Beldi  Massage

350 Dh per person

The traditional local massage with Argan oil inside the hammam

Duration 20 minutes

Foot  Reflexology

300 Dh per person

Application of pressure to specific points on the feet

Duration 20 minutes


250 Dh

Cosmetic beauty treatements for the fingersnails

OPI Nial Polish


250 Dh 

Cosmetic beauty treatements of the feet and toenails 

OPI Nial Polish

Hand Care

350 Dh 

Massage and Nial Polish

Feet Care

400 Dh

Massage and Nial Polish

Brushing simple

250 Dh

The perfect styling for your hair

Brushing wavy

300 Dh

Wavy and always perfect hair

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