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Harmonizing Moroccan and Modern Design


The renovation, completed in 2018 by Italians, was carried out with passion and deep respect for local traditions, bringing with it Italian taste and design. The goal was to create a riad that harmonized Moroccan architecture with modern elements


Our Philosofhy

The philosophy that inspired us, was to create an environment capable of hosting travelers from all over the world, in a romantic environment done a combination of charme, confort and elegance, in which the customer is pampered and followed to make the most of the services offered by Dar Kandi


Harmonizing Moroccan and Modern Design


Its intrinsic mission, crafted with dedication and passion, was noble and ambitious: to create a boutique hotel that not only captured the soul and beauty of ancient Morocco but also rejuvenated it, breathing new life into it. The result is a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary comfort


An Oasis of Hospitality 

However, what truly makes this place extraordinary is the unwavering commitment to surpass every expectation. The services offered here are not mere provisions but personalized experiences of absolute excellence. Every detail, from room care to restaurant service, is designed to delight the senses and cater to the needs of every guest.

In this riad, hospitality becomes an art, and every stay becomes an unforgettable experience. Welcome to a place where the past intertwines with the present, and comfort is elevated to a higher level of luxury and refinement

Dar Kandi Hotel Marrakech
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    in  Marrakech  

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